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Combo Set - UI Nanyang Heritage 3 In 1 Instant Classic White Coffee 友爱南洋经典三合一白咖啡 + UI Nanyang Heritage 2 In 1 Instant White Coffee Non Sweet 友爱南洋二合一低糖白咖啡
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm
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赶快尝试令人无法抗拒的友爱南洋乡情高级浓郁白咖啡! 由上等咖啡豆烤出的芳香, 令人一尝难忘,有口皆碑!不是咖啡爱好者?今天就来品尝友爱南洋乡情经典的传统香滑奶茶, 为您的下午茶增添满足感!

We all need simple pleasures in life to motivate us for greater things ahead.Allow the unique taste of YU-AI's aromatic Nanyang Heritage Premium White Coffee to seep into your pores to prep you to a good start for a pleasant day ahead! Yu-Ai’s famed coffee beans brews the beverage closest to your heart. Sip the aromatic slight sweet and bitterness that blend so smoothly in your mouth, giving you a taste of the best traditional handcrafted drink! Not a coffee lover? You’ll find YU AI’s Nanyang Heritage Classic Traditional Milk Tea a significantly delightful substitute to go with your afternoon tea spread! 

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UI Nanyang Heritage 3 In 1 Instant White Coffee "Classic" 友爱南洋经典三合一白咖啡

15份 x 30克 15 sachets x 30 gram / bag

UI Nanyang Heritage 2 In 1 Instant White Coffee "Non Sweet" 友爱南洋二合一“无糖”白咖啡

15份 x 25克 15 sachets x 30 gram / bag